$262.18 NewAir CC-100H Cigar Cooler and Humidor, 250 Count 2019

Price: $262.18
(as of Apr 13,2019 06:10:57 UTC – Details)

NewAir CC-100H Electronic Humidor With Climate Control and LockThe NewAir CC-100H Electronic Humidor With Climate Control and Lock is a cigar humidifier with an extra heater to put total climate control for your favorite cigar brands within reach. The airtight door seals in humidity and comes with a lock to protect your collection. Best of all, there’s room for up to 250 cigars in this cabinet humidor.Now With a Heater for Northern ClimatesWhen you live in a cooler climate, it can be hard to bring your cigars up to the proper temperature for enjoyment. That’s why this humidor also contains a heater to warm cigars to 70 degrees. This means that you can enjoy your collection without waiting, even if you live where the snow flies. Temperature control also helps stabilize relative humidity, which fluctuates with temperature shifts.Easy to Use Controls and DesignElectronic control of the thermostat lets you adjust by one degree at a time for perfect storage. It’s also easy to add humidity by adding a clean sponge soaked in distilled water to the special included cup. Adjustable shelves made of Spanish cedar resist mildew and repel insects for traditional, natural storage of up to 250 cigars. There’s even an interior LED light to make it a snap to find your favorite cigar for a relaxing evening at home.Frequently Asked QuestionsHow do you add humidity to this cigar humidor?To keep the inside of the cabinet at appropriate humidity levels, you’ll need to add a wet sponge to the moisture container. This allows water to slowly evaporate from the sponge and circulate the cabinet. You can also purchase silica gel beads for even more humidity control.Where is the best place to set up a cabinet humidor?The best place for your humidor is somewhere that is not subject to extra temperature shifts. For example, do not place it near a heat register or air conditioning vent. Sudden changes in temperature will affect relative humidity levels and force you to make frequent adjustments.CaBuilt-in heater easily brings cigars up to 70 degrees for use in colder climates
Built-in hygrometer and moisture container keeps relative humidity levels just right for long-term storage
Digital temperature controls provide precision cigar preservation
Safety lock protects your cigar collection
Spanish cedar trays look great and resist mold and mildew