$27.99 LAGUTE Groucho Travel Genuine Leather Cigar Humidor Storage Case Tube, Cedar Wood Lined with Humidifier Hygrometer, Portable Light Weight Cigar Box Gift Set 2019

Price: $27.99
(as of Apr 14,2019 05:15:54 UTC – Details)

Whether you buy onecigar at a time or buy cigars by the box, a true cigar aficionado will want to acquire is a high quality humidor. Humidors are designed to keep your cigars at a constant 65-70% humidity, the ideal for cigar storage. Proper storage is a crucial aspect of premium cigars. Keeping your cigars inthe right environment will ensure that they perform and taste exactly as thecigar maker had intended. Furthermore, aging your cigars in a quality humidorcan be quite beneficial in the long term. LAGUTE Cigar Humidor is your best choice.


Material: Leather +Cedar Wood

Color: Brown (As perPicture shown)

Size: 7.9″H x3″ Diameter(200mm*75mm )

Weight: 600g

Capacity: Holds 3-5cigars; it can hold 5 cigars of 52 Ring Gauge (for reference)

Accessories: 1 built-inhygrometer, 1humidifier, 1 dropper

Packing with a niceblack carton box & black fabric bag

Convenient size, easyto carry with your cigars when traveling

Kindly Remind:

1. This is a humidor only, cigar is not included.

2. The humidity for cigar is 65-75%. A dry cigarsbecome fragile and burn faster and it also takes on an aggressive and slightlybitter taste. if the humidity level has exceed 80%, the cigar can begin to rotand mold.

3. Correct liquid should be used in a humidifier tokeep the humidity, please search more information before your use.

4. Please store your CIGAR HUMIDOR in a cool dry space away from directsunlight or heating or air conditioning ducts.

Package Included:

1x LAGUTE HumidorBuilt-in Hygrometer

1x Humidifier

1x Dropper

1x Gift Box

❄EXQUISITE WORKMANSHIP. This cigar humidor is made of premium leather and cedar wood with excellent aroma, it has great performance in 1. protection from tobacco worms; 2. high humidity absorption capacity; 3. supports the cigar aging process; 4. positive effect on the flavor of the cigars. LAGUTE Cigar Humidor is a good partner for you and your cigars.
❄EASY TO USE. Equipped with a hygrometer, long humidifier and dropper, it’s more convenient and precise to control the humidity in the tube, prevent a too dry or too moist environment to impact the quality, taste and storage age of your premium cigars.
❄ELEGANT AND PORTABLE DESIGN. This humidor is perfect to take with you on party, business, vacation, camping, road trips, or anywhere your travels may take you. A solid tube with leather surrounded makes it more durable and provides a very good protection for cigars.
❄LARGE CAPACITY. It’s produced in a dimension of 7.9″H x 3″ Diameter(200mm*75mm ), it can hold 3-5 Cigars depending on the Ring Gauge and store cigars in different sizes.
❄NICE GIFT PACKAGE. The cigar humidor is packed with a fancy black carton box and a black fabric bag, it’s a great gift for cigar lovers.