$29.77 Cherry Finish Spanish Cedar Humidor with Magnet Seal and Humidifier Gel

Price: $47.99 - $29.77
(as of Apr 13,2019 04:07:18 UTC – Details)

Cherry Finish Spanish Cedar Humidor with Embedded Magnetic Seal – Case Elegance At Case Elegance we have created the most elegant and simple to use humidor for your cigars. Simply, this is the best value cigar humidor on the market. This humidor has undergone years of research and extensive testing in wet, temperate and dry environments to assure the best levels of humidity for your cigars. We have managed to coat the entire inside lining and perimeter coaming seal with high-quality 100% Spanish cedar wood. The abundant amount of Spanish cedar locks in moisture, significantly extending the life of your cigars. We’ve worked tirelessly to design the tightest fitting seal out there. The fully sealed exterior surface and magnetic enclosure easily maintains constant humidity at the magic 65-75% threshold. EVERYTHING YOU NEED Our humidors come with everything you need to keep your cigars fresh. Each cigar box comes with its own pre-calibrated hygrometer and the correct sized humidifier. JUST THE RIGHT SIZE Storage for up to 25 cigars makes this the perfect humidor size for the beginner or intermediate cigar smoker. Conveniently take your humidor with you. SIMPLE BUT BEAUTIFUL The elegant finish reveals various cherry hues depending on the ambient light. Changes from bright red in direct light to deep red in more subdued environments.✅The only MAGNETICALLY SEALED humidor creates an amazingly tight seal and easily passes the dollar bill test. This seal rivals that of much more expensive humidors and will keep your cigars fresh for ages longer than comparable humidors.
✅SPANISH CEDAR coaming and inlay makes this humidor a moisture holding machine. Keep those smokes just how you like them.
✅Storage for up to 25 CIGARS makes this the perfect humidor size for the beginner or intermediate cigar smoker.
✅The included HYGROMETER and HUMIDIFIER makes this humidor ready to go, simply place a small bowl of water in the humidor for up to 14 days to season it.
✅The only humidor that comes with case Elegance humidification gel that makes keeping the humidity regulated a snap. Be sure to watch for emails from the seller for specific seasoning instructions.