$29.99 Volenx Cigar Humidor with Hygrometer and Humidifier, Front-Mount Clasp Lock, Holds 5-10 Cigars 2019

Price: $29.99
(as of Apr 20,2019 15:15:56 UTC – Details)

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About the cigar humidor:

√ Travel cigar humidor is equipped with a wooden divider, placed conveniently according to your cigar needs.
√ Cigar humidor for women and men, it is a popular cigar box among novice cigar smokers and cigar aficionado .
√ Personalized cigar humidor with an appealing look and the good function, it is the best choices whether you are traveling or at home or in the office.

Humidifier instructions:

Wipe interior with a damp sponge or towel before first use. Use distilled water or a humidifying solution in your humidifier.
Fill humidifier by:
a. Partially fill a bowl of water
b. Placing humidifier upside-down, halfway in the bowl
c. Leave in water for about 3 minutes
d. Wipe off excess water
Install the humidifier in the humidor and leave closed for 24 hours. Open humidor, refill humidifier and re-install, leave closed for another 24 hours. This will season and prepare humidor for initial use. Periodically check humidity level and remoisten humidifier as needed.


Weight: 0.74kg
Bottom treatment: black velvet
Dimensions(outside): 9 X 5.6 X 2.7 in
Dimensions(inside): 8 X 4.6 X 1.5 in

Package includes

1 x cigar humidor/gold or silver hygrometer/humidifier/divider/instruction

The premium cigar humidor box is the perfect partner for your cigars!The wooden cigar humidor can hold 5-10 cigars depending on the Ring Gauge
Made from Spanish cedar wood, Scratch-resistant Felt-lined Bottom
Contains two small Magnets that can hold the Humidifier and Hygrometer anywhere on the Lid
Package: Including humidifier, hygrometer, removable cedar divider, two small magnets and manual
Dimensions: 9 X 5.6 X 2.7 in(exterior) 8 X 4.6 X 1.5 in(interior).