$99.00 Cigar Oasis Excel Electronic Humidifier 2019

Price: $99.00
(as of Apr 21,2019 16:47:15 UTC – Details)

Tired of dried out cigars?? Bring sanity to the tedious routine of monitoring humidity levels and pick up the Cigar Oasis Humidification System. Reduce the quantity of damaged cigars attributed to fluctuating humidity conditions within your humidor. The days of worrying about religiously refilling your humidifiers & monitoring your humidor’s environment are over. The humidity in your humidor can now be completely controlled and maintained through the Cigar Oasis Excel electric humidifier. Enjoy a perfect smoke with an even draw any time – every time. WiFi Capable: (Optional Accessory Add On) – Monitor & Adjust Settings of the Cigar Oasis unit through your PC, remotely via the Web or through the Cigar Oasis App on your Apple iPhone or Android. Receive Email or Text Alerts for Low Humidity, Low Water & Battery Levels. *The Cigar Oasis Excel is designed to maintain 50-300 cigars or up to 4 cubic feet. Cubic feet of your humidor can be calculated by multiplying (width in feet x depth in feet x height in feet) of your interior space.The Newest Cigar Oasis Excel Version
Durable Micro USB Style Adapter for Outlet Power
Includes Rechargeable Battery & Battery Pack
Water cartridge has a life expectancy of up to 1 year*
Length: 6″ Width: 2″ Height: 3.5″