FISHINGSIR Fly Fishing Flies Kit – 64/100/110/120pcs Handmade Fly Fishing Lures – Dry/Wet Flies,Streamer, Nymph, Emerger with Waterproof Fly Box Only $16.99

Price: $16.99
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Main Features of Different Flies:
Dry Flies: it’s designed to be buoyant, or land softly on the surface of the water. It typically represent the adult form of an aquatic or terrestrial insect, perfect for freshwater.
Wet Flies: it’s designed to sink below the surface of the water. Wet flies have been tied in a wide variety of patterns to represent larvae, nymphs, pupa, drowned insects, baitfish and other underwater prey, perfect for freshwater.
Nymphs: it’s designed to resemble the immature form of aquatic insects and small crustaceans, perfect for freshwater.
Emerger: Designed to resemble the not quite mature hatching aquatic insect as it leaving the water to become an adult insect, perfect for trout freshwater.
Streamers: it’s designed to resemble some form of baitfish or other large aquatic prey. Streamers may be patterned after both freshwater and saltwater prey species. They are a very large and diverse category of flies as streamers are effective for almost any type of gamefish.

Package details: 120pcs Flies+ box:
45x Dry Flies; 5* #16 Hooks, 5* #14 Hooks, 15* #12 Hooks, 20* #10 Hooks
45x Wet Flies; 10* #12 Hooks, 30* #10 Hooks, 5* #8 Hooks
10x Streamer; 5* #8 Hooks, 5* #6 Hooks
15x Nymphs, #14 Hooks
5x Emerger, #14 Hooks

100pcs Flies+ box:
30x Dry Flies; 10* #14 Hooks, 20* #10 Hooks
40x Wet Flies; 15* #12 Hooks, 20* #10 Hooks, 5* #6 Hooks
15x Streamer Flies; 5* #8 Hooks, 10* #6 Hooks
10x Nymph, #14 Hooks
5x Emerger, #16 Hooks

64pcs Flies+ box:
24x Dry Flies; 8* #12 Hooks, 16* #10 Hooks
24x Wet Flies, #10 Hooks
16x Streamer, #6 HooksAnglers can never have too many flies. FISHINGSIR large selection of flies includes trusted patterns (such as Adams, Woolly Bugger, Elk Hair Caddis, Griffith’s Gnat, Stimulator, Egg Fly, etc.) used by anglers around the world. Choose from Dry Flies, Wet Flies, Nymphs, Streamers, Steelhead Flies, Saltwater Flies and some others.
Created by fly-fishing professionals and 100% handmade produced, these flies are exactly what you need to bring large trout, picky and high-pressured fish to surface. Our flies come in a variety of colors and sizes, so you can match the hatch at any time.
FISHINGSIR offer 3 different types of flies sets: 64PCS/Box, 100PCS/Box and 120PCS/Box. All sets come with tough ABS plastic made fly box with amazing silicone seal to keep your flies dry and nice. Box size: 13.6*8.6*3.6cm(5.35*3.39*1.42inch), it is pocket-design, easy for carrying.
No matter where your fly fishing adventures take you, we have the flies you need. Please see pictures on detailed fly patterns and sizes included in our 3 different sets. Really sure that these fly patterns selected are the most effective and must have in every anglers’ fly box. Also, great gift to any beginner or addictive anglers.
Fly lures size covers from #6 to # 16.