FouceClaus Fishing Lures 10pcs Spinner Lures Baits with Tackle Box, Bass Trout Salmon Hard Metal Rooster Tail Fishing Lures Kit Only $12.20

Price: $12.20
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The FouceClaus 10 Pcs in-line spinners with most popular and effective dressed hook have caught more fish than any other spinners on the market today. The secret to the success is the spinner blade. It does two things. First, it puts out a ton of vibrations in the water. And second, it creates a lot of flash.

Our blade adopts classic French blade with Laser reflective material painted provides continuous flash and vibration. The blade spins creating varying degrees of flash and vibration that mimics small fish.

Our fishing spinners offers three different sizes and styles to give the fishing enthusiast more options. You can fish them with a straight retrieve, which is the standard way to use them, or use a stop and go method. You can work them deep and slow or burn them near the surface and they can be cast, swung, trolled or even back-trolled.


Material: Metal

Quantity: 10pcs

Weight: 1/13 oz – 1/8 oz – 3/16 oz

Length: 5.5cm-7cm/2.16″-2.76″

Target species: Bass, trout Walleye, Northern Pike and Salmon

Appearance: Life-like swimming action in water

10pcs Fishing Lures Set with Tackle Box, Most popular size: 1/13 oz , 1/8 oz , 3/16 oz.
Each Spinnerbait comes with a dressed sharp treble hook with brightly colored strike-attractor sleeves.
Dressed spinners is both for Freshwater and Saltwater. The packing box makes you more convenient to use and restock. 
Premium quality blade provides continuous flash and vibration.They are desiged for bass fishing and trout fishing, named bass lures and trout lures as well.
Deadly on Bass, Trout, Walleye, Northern Pike and Salmon. Special designed for Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, Father’s Day ect.