Thekuai Spinning Fishing Reel for Freshwater Saltwater 12 + 1 Ball Bearings Left Right Interchangeable Collapsible Handle 1000 to 7000 Series Only $26.00

Price: $26.00
(as of Apr 10,2019 05:15:56 UTC – Details)

Thekuai spinning fishing reel is ideal for many anglers and can provide you with the performance of fresh water or saltwater fishing, and its two-color anodized aluminum spool offers maximum strength while reducing weight. The use of all-metal folding rocker, non-slip metal handle,Feel more comfortable while extending.Every part has been designed to improve the anglers experience on the water

Product details:

HC1000—-Model:  5.1:1   line Capacity(LBS-YDS):4-180  6-160  Line capacity (mm/m)  0.15-200  0.20-150  Max Drag :12lbs / 5.5kg

HC2000-—Model:  5.1:1   line Capacity(LBS-YDS):4-240  6-180  8-150  Line capacity (mm/m)  0.15-220  0.18-200  0.20-180  Max Drag :14lbs/6.5kg

HC3000—-Model:  5.2:1   line Capacity(LBS-YDS):6-220  8-160  10-120   Line capacity (mm/m)  0.23-245  0.28-190  0.30-135   Max Drag :14lbs/6.5kg

HC4000—-Model:  5.2:1   line Capacity(LBS-YDS):8-250  10-170  12-135  Line capacity (mm/m)  0.28-230  0.30-155  0.35-125  Max Drag :17.6lbs/8kg

HC5000-—Model:  5.2:1   line Capacity(LBS-YDS):10-220  12-185  15-145   Line capacity (mm/m)  0.30-200  0.35-165  0.40-130  Max Drag :17.6lbs/8kg

HC6000—-Model:  5.2:1   line Capacity(LBS-YDS):10-270  12-215  15-170  Line capacity (mm/m)  0.30-250  0.35-200  0.40-155  Max Drag :17.6lbs/8kg

HC7000—-Model:  5.2:1   line Capacity(LBS-YDS):14-240  16-190  20-120   Line capacity (mm/m)  0.30-290  0.35-240  0.40-200   Max Drag :17.6lbs/8kg

【Novel Design】: The new design made her lighter, 12+1 precision ball and Techno-Balanced rotor, eliminate vibration and cast and smooth and fast retrieval. Thus less fatigue
【Stable Performance】: S-Curve oscillation system for very good line winding, instant anti-reverse system, Smooth and powerful work, longer service life
【Scientific Construction】: Machined aluminium spool with double color, Heavy-duty aluminum bail wire and right/left inter-changeable All metal handle
【Wonderful Versatile】: Perfect for freshwater bass fishing, Trout, Perch, Salmon, Pike,Saltwater Surf Fishing Or Inshore Fishing.
【More You Get】: one Fishing Reel and friendly customer service. We believe this reel will give you a pleasant fishing experience