Untapped fishing Premium Fishing Lures for Bass, 6pc Ultra Lure kit Comes with a Bonus Double Sided Tackle Box. Hard Metal Spinner Bait kit Alternative Only $23.50

Price: $23.50
(as of Apr 14,2019 06:12:45 UTC – Details)

Here at Untapped Fishing, our fishing lures for bass have been one of our greatest accomplishments. Our Premium Lure kit has been field tested and designed for smallmouth and largemouth bass but are also exceptional lures for Trout, Salmon, Crappie and Catfish. These lures have been made from superior materials with quality hooks and paint. They truly are a fish attracting machine. To our lure kit we added a FREE double-sided tackle box to complete this lure set. You’ll have an extra 5 spots left for you to put Crankbaits, Spinnerbaits, Spinners, Top Water Lures, Jigs, Soft Plastics or any other of your secret weapons. This lure kit is a great present for Christmas Day, Father’s Day or Thanksgiving. UNTAPPED FISHING Lure Kit Specifications Material: Metal Weight: 12.3g Length: 45mm Quantity: 5 Ultra vibes + Bonus double-sided tackle tray Tackle tray size: 210mm x 160mm x 45mm Features: UNIQUE ACTION – that fish can’t resist. 3D- EYES W-HOOKS- Untapped fishing has opted to fit the Ultra vibes with W-Hooks, so you can fish them in Heavy structure to decrease snags. However, the W-Hooks still have an outstanding hookup rate. QUICK CLIP – We’ve also added a quick clip, so you can adjust the tow point which changes the action of the Ultra-Vibe from a subtle to a heavy vibration. PAINT – Colours have been tested throughout America and Australia with outstanding results. These 5 colours can be used in any weather conditions, low light or mid-day, these colours will have you covered.✔️ BRAND NEW – Untapped Ultra fishing lures for bass have been designed specifically for small mouth and largemouth bass however trout, crappie, salmon, both freshwater and saltwater species are attracted by the flash.Its a must have lure set. Ultra vibes the hottest blade on the market are 12.3g and 45mm
✔️ 5 ULTIMATE BLADES -In this lure kit you’ll receive 5 different color variations which have been specifically designed to catch you more fish. This lure set has 5 Fish attracting machines that are highly effective and have been tested in various weather conditions from low light to high light to overcast to sunny. Do yourself a favour, Like Spinnerbaits or rooster tails, Vibes are a must have for any fisher-mans lure kit .
✔️ UNIQUE ACTION – Untapped fishing lures for bass have been designed to imitate a fleeing bait fish with an erratic action. The Ultra-Vibe has a large wobble that causes massive vibrations throughout the water that attracts more fish. Untapped fishing has opted to fit the Ultra vibes with W-Hooks, so you can fish them in Heavy structure to decrease snags. However, the W-Hooks still have an outstanding hook up rate
✔️ PREMIUM KIT – Our Premium Fishing Lures kit has been made out of superior Materials. Untapped special Colour range that fish cant resist. Ultra-sharp W hooks are 6 X sharper than your average W-hooks, Quick clips, so you can adjust the action of the ultra-vibe. This hard metal lure kit is a must for any fisherman.
✔️ BONUS – Untapped lure kit not only comes with a tackle box but comes with a Double-sided tackle box, for you to fit more lures. This tackle tray is perfect for lure organisation and can hold a variety of lures for bass including crank baits, spinnerbaits, soft plastics, poppers, jigs, spoons, vibes, or any other fishing accessories.