YAZHIDA Fly Fishing Flies kit– Handmade Fly Fishing Lures kit–3D Laser Compound Eyes–Waterproof Double Side Fly Box –Eco-Friendly Packaging–Realistic Fly Fishing Dry Flies Only $18.58

Price: $18.58
(as of Apr 13,2019 07:01:00 UTC – Details)

For us, it’s all about satisfying our customers and deliver the best products. That is why we are constantly investing our resources not only in product design and development, but also in premium materials, a combination that makes our company one of the best on the market.PREMIUM QUALITY: In order to make sure you can enjoy this set of fishing flies for a long time, we have used a premium quality food grade silicone that makes the flies floatable, as well as light and flexible, offering a long-life span to this high-end fishing bait kit.
PERFECT COLORS: One main thing all fish are drawn to are bright colors. All of the flies in the YAZHIDA fishing kit come in a mix of colors that make the flies more realistic, as well as more attractive for the fish to catch, so you can enjoy a heavy capture.
RESISTANT HOOK: Not only is the design of the flies very realistic, but the hook attached to each of them is made from high carbon steel, making them extra strong and resistant so that they can stand to any sudden move or large weighted fish.
VERY REALISTC: Because we want to make sure of your fishing performance, we have used a premium handmade design for each of the flies, with a special combination of colors as well as 3D laser compound eyes and high modulus buoyancy force sponge.
GREAT PRESENT: If you too have a special man in your life who enjoys occasional fishing as a relaxing sport, then we have the perfect present: the premium set of realistic flies that will amaze anyone due to their wonderful details and high-end materials.